It's a Rye thing.

It's a Rye thing.

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The inspiration behind the whiskey barrel:

Philosophy - Real mean never pause or hesitate when placing a drink order. If that’s the case, you might as well show yourself the door and call it a night. You already know what you want – whiskey –because you’re a man, so there’s no reason to waste everybody’s time. Sporting our Signature Whiskey Barrel bead says a lot about yourself:

  1. You’re a grinder; whether it’s on the ice, the field, or in the office you’re a workhorse. However, you know how to power down and take a little time to enjoy yourself.
  2. You could make a career out of socializing; you close more deals on the links or at the pub than you do in the boardroom because your client relations are top notch.
  3. You wrote the book on work hard-play hard; you know that finding a healthy balance in life is essential, and that hard work is rewarded. Rewarding yourself with a few casuals is all part of the fun.  

Design: Like all whiskey producers, Wrist & Rye holds the manufacturing of it’s signature products to the highest standard. We aim to ensure that every detail is captured in our pieces. Our master wrist-ologists have set the proverbial bar (no pun intended) much higher than the generic mass-produced pieces that are widely accessible today. Please enjoy responsibly.

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