5 ways to chug a beer

5 ways to chug a beer

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Shoot the boot: It's been called many names, but in practice it remains the same. Remove your boot. Dispense beer into said boot. Drink. This unnecessary method of consumption began as a rugby tradition, but has since been championed by many kinds of individuals: College students, groomsman, your dad etc. 

Luge: Standard practice requires the use of an ice sculpture, however recent videos surfacing on the internet show individuals making use of a women's breasts to consume their beverage in this way. 

Shotgunning: Nothing we haven't seen before, but a classic nonetheless... Simply use your house keys or a sharp object to puncture a hole in the side of the can. Whilst covering the hole with your mouth, crack open the top tab to force the beer out by creating air pressure. Gotta love science. 

Dizzy Bat: Preparation - Run to Walmart. Go to the children's section and pick out a hollow, plastic wiffle ball bat. Execution - Dispense your beer of choice into the bat. Raise the bat high over your head and drink. Placing the bat between the ground and your forehead (for stabilization), spin around 10 times. With the help of a friend, you must then attempt to hit a crushed beer can with the wiffle ball bat. (Be sure to hold onto the bat as you swing, or risk pelting someone in the audience)

T-Wolfing: This is one method of consumption your dentist would not approve of. T-Wolfing entails biting down on the side of your beer can and chugging from the hole you've created. 


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