A Social Lubricant Company



The Business

"Delivering intoxicatingly beautiful accessories that incite social conversations."

- The W&R Team -

About Us

At Wrist & Rye we do things unconventionally and unapologetically in the pursuit of a common goal: Living our lives to the fullest, and looking darn great while doing so. Wrist & Rye is a social lubricant company, whereby every piece we manufacture has its own story, and no matter your state of mind it's a story you'll want to tell. Our sole purpose is to deliver intoxicatingly beautiful accessories that incite social conversations. From the boardroom to the local pub, Wrist & Rye will be holding your hand wherever your lifestyle takes you.


We gather to celebrate our friendship, our eccentricities and our differences. We all bring something different to the table, resulting in a rich mosaic of skills and attributes, be it a prowess for math, a lack of facial hair, or a maxed credit card. So put a little moroccan oil in your hair, dawn your dancing shoes, and raise your glass to a night for stories. To a night that must be remembered, but likely a night we will all forget.
In naming our company, it was really quite straightforward. From the get-go we knew that we wanted to specialize in wristwear. Due to the clear association between bracelets and "Wrist", we knew this made it easy for even the most inebriated of patrons to remember. "Rye" is what we here, north of the border, like to call our whiskey; Put plainly, it illustrates the fact that we like to indulge in a bevy from time to time and it speaks to our Canadian heritage.
Wrist & Rye is the epitome of style and design. We are not fixated on any particular form of creativity, rather, we are inspired by equal parts of music, architecture, and athleticism. Our bracelets, tags, and pendants are handcrafted in Toronto, and made using only the highest quality materials. Incorporated into our designs are spiritual beads, sterling silver, 18K gold, and precious stones. Our minimalistic style is appropriate for every social endeavour. To ensure the utmost satisfaction, we offer a wide assortment of designs to meet the varying preferences of our clientele.
First, we hope to never see another person sitting in the corner of a pub empty handed, neglecting their wrist, and sporting a turtle neck (unless ironically). We want you to be the life of the party, and we're here to help you dress the part. Second, and most importantly, we hope to promote responsible drinking and educate our customers on the dangers of drunk driving. Join the movement, shop Wrist & Rye.
Looking around and seeing so many bare and neglected wrists, it was evident we had just identified an epidemic - a disease affecting the lives of millions each year called "Naked Wrist Syndrome" (or NWS for short). We sought to remedy this situation by providing the masses with silky smooth wrist-wear, without the inflated price tag. The way we see it, the jewelry you choose to wear is an expression of your personality. Each piece we manufacture is built with a set of values and lifestyles in mind. The wrist revolution is real. Our bracelets will be the best thing to hug your wrists since, well, ever.
Try one on, I dare you. Our eye-catching, head turning, body bangin' pieces are made from sterling silver. You'll begin to wonder how you ever survived all this time without a pendant tickling your pectoral muscles. Buyer beware, step into the pub sporting one of our designs and some interesting side effects may occur…

" Yes. You do have Wrist & Rye to thank for your last sexual encounter. "

Brennan D.

" Wrist & Rye is the best thing to hug your Wrists since, well, ever! "

Brent W.

" Wearing W&R is a testament to your manliness and superior standing. "

Thomas M.

" W&R's accessories have helped me improve my golf game in ways I never thought possible. "

Travis M.