Style Guide

A good look always starts with the wrist…

At least that's the way we see it. Since our humble beginnings as manufacturers of specialized beaded bracelets we've introduced a series of new collections, giving you the tools to build one helluva' look. Mix. Match. Stack. Do whatever you need to do, just know that Wrist & Rye is in the business of building a better man. 

Compare our jewellery styles below to see which one you can't live without. 

Beaded Bracelets: Handmade in Toronto, our beaded bracelets are unparalleled in quality. Incorporated into our designs are sterling silver, precious stones, 18K gold. We use a 1.5mm enhanced cord to hold all this goodness together. Explore this collection.

Sizing & Fit: Our beaded bracelets come in a range of sizes for both men and women. Please refer to our Size Guide in the footer to find your best fit. Bracelets made with a hand stitched tension clasp can be adjusted to your desired fit. 

Style: We recommend wearing your bracelets on your dominant hand. This will ensure that every fist pump from now on is just a little bit more glorious. That said, it’s entirely up to you how you wear your piece.

Cuffs: Our signature nail cuff is offered in three styles. This bad boy is handmade in Toronto, the 6, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Our cuff is made using sterling silver which can be plated in 18K Gold or Black Rhodium. 

Sizing & Fit: Our twisted shank nail cuff is offered in two sizes: Small/Medium - Large/Extra Large. Due to the required malleability of the cuff, it is manufactured using 925 sterling silver. This allows you to adjust the bracelet to your desired fit; thereby eliminating pressure points. The malleability also ensures you aren't stuck with a bracelet that's simply too small (due to all the forearm curls you've been doing in preparation for beach season) or one that just won't stay on. 

Style: When we first manufactured the cuff, we intended for both the nail head and its endpoint to sit on top of your wrist, gently hugging your carpal bones. However, the versatility of the cuff allows it to be worn any which way. Feel free to mix it up, wear it upside down or with the nail head facing towards you, whatever makes you happy and is most comfortable. Pair this cuff with a watch or beaded bracelet and you're looking at the wrist orthopaedic surgeons only dream of. 

Putting your bracelet on:

  1. Place the nail head on the top of your wrist, and facing away from your body
  2. Rotate the bracelet clockwise, gently raising the end point around to the other side of your wrist.
  3. Find that sweet spot on your wrist where the bracelet doesn't interfere with your manoeuvrability. 
  4. If the bracelet is too tight or too loose, you may carefully adjust it accordingly.