Don't worry, we're on the same page. Finding the right size when shopping online can be complicated and overwhelming, which is why we've simplified the process to make it as easy as possible.  In determining your size, simply use one of the following 3 methods: (*Note: Consulting a professional jeweller is most accurate)

Method 1 (DIY): To measure the circumference of your wrist or finger, you're going to need 3 things:

1. A Ruler
2. A Sharpie (or pen)
3. And a piece of string (or cut a strip of paper)

Wrap the string around your wrist or finger comfortably to determine your desired fit. Once finished, use the Sharpie to indicate the total amount of string necessary. Then lay the string against a ruler to obtain your measurement in cm to use with the guide below. 

NOTE: If half sizes are needed we can accommodate.  Order the nearest size to your finger and add a note at checkout with your exact size needed.  We will need an extra 10 days to prepare your unique size so be prepared for a delay.  

Method 2 (Printable Ring Sizer):

1. Right-Click on the image below and select ‘Save Image As.’
2. Print the image at 100% scale (ensure scaling is turned off).
3. Measure the grey section of the image to ensure it is 3.5 inches to ensure accuracy.
4. Cut out the sizing tool and wrap the piece of paper around the desired finger.
5. The number that aligns closest with the ‘Read Size Here’ line will be your size (Note: if you are in between two sizes, it is best to size up rather than down).


Method 3 (Consult Professional): If you are skeptical of the methods listed above, simply walk into your nearest jewellery retailer to ask for your measurements.