Lewis Kent - Beer Mile Champion

Lewis Kent - Beer Mile Champion

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Beer. Mile. These are the last two words you’d ever expect to find side-by-side, but in the world of digestive sports they are the foundation of a glorious and celebrated event. The Beer Mile is a relative new comer to the extreme sports arena, but it is most certainly our favourite. It involves the consumption of 4 full beers, and, as its’ name suggests, running a mile. So put on a pair of unrestrictive sport shorts (with an inseam no longer than 5 inches), dust of your running shoes, and raise a glass to start of your training!

At Wrist & Rye, we’re honoured to name the World Record Holder in this event, Lewis Kent, as an ambassador. With a unfathomable time of 4 minutes and 47 seconds, this little train can chug-chug-chug. To put this into perspective, that means crushing 4x355ml standard volume beers with no less than 5% alcohol by volume in roughly 10 seconds each, and maintaining a 400 metre lap time of around 60 seconds….There’s a reason this race has been dubbed the “Chunder” Mile (Chunder - noun: A substance vomited. Verb: To vomit). 

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