Don’t be that Guy: Top 10

Don’t be that Guy: Top 10

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For those of you who have yet to indulge in your first alcoholic beverage – so all of you below the age of 19 in Canada, and 21 in the States – this is a crash course on what not to do when out at the bar with friends. It’s a part of the Wrist & Rye constitution. Before stepping through the doors of a drinking establishment for the first time, we highly recommend a careful read through. By giving careful consideration to our Top 10 tips listed below, you will most certainly save yourself the embarrassment of receiving the award for Rookie of the year (the one time this isn’t an accomplishment). 

  1. Wearing running shoes to the bar –You’re not Steve Jobs, you can’t pull this off.

  2. Don’t box out other patrons like Bismack Biyombo defending the basket – Be kind and accommodating to the people around you, and receive the same treatment in return.

  3. Tipping your bartender $0.25 – If this is the case, I think you need it more than they do.

  4. Splitting the D like Alex Ovechkin and using the middle urinal – Bold move, but not one most people tend to appreciate. Save that boldness for later.

  5. Ordering just 1 drink and paying on visa – Unless you want to be totally ignored by the bartender for the rest of the night, don’t be this guy. There’s this little thing called the ATM, use it.

  6. The sweaty guy on the dance floor breaking it down like Magic Mike – Save the sweatiness for spin class, you smell. 

  7. Don’t wave money, reach over the bar or otherwise exhibit idiotic behaviour in an attempt to get the Bartenders attention –Act like you’ve been there before.

  8. Don’t use straws – The only exception would be... never mind, this is never okay. Be a man.

  9. Don’t ever take a #2 at the bar – And check the bottom of your shoe before exiting the washroom, there’s nothing more humiliating than walking around with a tail made of toilet paper.

  10. Lastly, water is for fish – I’ll let you draw your own inferences about what this really means.


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