The Rye Guy

The Rye Guy

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The "Rye Guy" is a little like our intoxicated spirit animal. This, however, is not to confused with being a full-time degenerate. He is a culmination of the types of people you'll encounter during a social outing involving the consumption of adult beverages. He is the hero surrounded by a flock of hunnies double fisting bottles, the guy questionably rocking a fedora or even the champion crushing waters. Regardless of the kind of person you are at the pub, our definition of being Rye Guy includes arranging a safe ride home, respecting your peers, and knowing your limits.

A few facts to help you sleep at night. Become a Rye Guy today:

  1. Wrist & Rye is the best thing to hug your Wrists since, well, ever
  2. Rye Guy stole your girl
  3. Rye Guy gave his father "the talk"
  4. You have Wrist & Rye to thank for your last sexual encounter
  5. Rye Guy's chest hair is so thick, it acts as his own personal flotation device 

P.S. When it comes to our accessories, we're not clowning around.

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