The Facts

Here at Wrist & Rye, we not only offer the cure for widespread Naked Wrist Syndrome, we also donate 10% of proceeds towards programs for prevention of impaired driving.  We focus our donations on programs for students that provide education/awareness, discounted transportation when students are out on the town, or support local initiatives at High Schools and Universities that we believe have a more quantifiable impact.

It may seem like we are just having a good time...  all the time... and thats partly because we are, but as a company that promotes the concept of drinking, we have a duty to ensure our customers are doing so responsibly.  The fact of the matter is that young people have the highest rates of traffic death and injury per capita among all age groups. More 19-year-olds die or are seriously injured than any other age group. We hope that by raising awareness, more young adults can get home safely.

The Pieces

Don't get it twisted, we hand-make all our bracelets and custom jewelry pieces in Canada, for quality purposes, as well as environmental and socio-economic.  Rest assured that the pieces you wear are not only fashionable, but also responsibly made. 

The way we see it, we want you to be as social as possible, look darn good while doing so, and yes, potentially partake in a few social cocktails, but please do not ever get behind the wheel.  

Please Enjoy Responsibly....

Thank you,
The Wrist & Rye Team